Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thank you, Mr. Burton

ALA MW 2015 Vendor Logo

I didn't have the opportunity to attend the ALA Midwinter Meeting this year, and I really wasn't that sad about it...until my colleagues started posting about LeVar Burton's speech. How did I not know he was going to be there?!

Like many of you, I grew up watching Reading Rainbow. The local PBS station was one of the only channels we could get in our little rural Nebraska town, so it was a staple of my childhood. My brother and I never missed Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers...and if my mom forgot to turn it on, my brother would scream until she remembered.

So to hear a childhood favorite like Mr. Burton speak with such admiration about another childhood favorite, Mr. Rogers, well, it nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you, Mr. Burton. And thank you to all of the people who made, and continue to make, these wonderful shows available to children like myself.


I couldn't write a post about Public Television without a shout-out to another favorite show, Once Upon a Time. It's about a librarian who gets kidnapped by a witch and is forced to tell her stories. It's even better than it sounds. See for yourself:

Honestly, I can't figure out why it took me so long as an adult to realize that I should be a librarian. It seems so glaringly obvious to me now.